The Eyes that Look Down

The eyes that look down

Have nothing to say

That offers the quench

Of your thirst day to day

While toiling inside

They turn and won’t see

The door is wide open

For evil to breathe

Touched by the darkness

Love Planted a seed

The harvest of which

left you in need

Digging in deeper

The roots of a plan

Sown in your heart

By the hands of god’s man

Innocence captured

Taken so sweet

The fruit of deception

Falls at your feet

A hunger within

The need of your soul

Tasted but once still

Takes its toll

Seeking the comfort

In the face you adore

That hides behind promise

Locked behind doors

You look up to eyes

The eyes that look down

Hoping and waiting

To be held in your frown

Constantly dying

Your heart beat survives

Reaching for something

To lift you up

to the skies

Where all who can see you

Where all can’t deny

The courage the wisdom

The strength of your shine.

Yet always so distant

Still pounding the ground

You search to be seen

In the eyes that look down

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