Deep See

Deep within the See

Of Everything

Lies what we need

To be Free

Time is the answer

Love is the Key

Deep within the See

See Deep within

See Deep inside

See all you are

See all you hide

Waves of right or wrong

Crashing at your feet

Sands of time beneath

The footsteps that you leave

Time is the answer

Love is the key

Deep within the See

Good Morning

Good morning new day

So nice to see you again

New memories so fresh

New hope to befriend

Sunshine or falling rain

Warm breeze or cold pain

The chance to live and breathe

Or moments of reprieve

Waiting with open arms

Leading with all to be

Watching with a sense of charm

Seeing the things we see

Good morning new day

Let’s walk til you sleep

Let’s hold time together

Let’s reap what we seek


Falling rain

On frozen time

The frost begins to fade

Turning Winter into Spring

Hope that has been holding on

Spreads its wings

Rising up on the warmer breeze

Chasing the seasons

Walking hand in hand with time

Circles of life begin again

Thunder chasing midnight skies

And Flashes at your feet

See the wind

Dancing in the trees

Summer storms bring promises

Of all that lays in wait

See the vision of life begin to breathe

Rainbows touch the Sky

Falling on the harvest yet to reap


Autumn finds the seed

Buried deep with the dream

Everything that’s meant to be

Is waiting to be seen

Embracing the seasons once again

All that’s been

Will be again

As time awakes the dream

Embracing the seasons once again



Is it a desire ?

Is it a calling?

Is it a temptation?

Is it a right?

Is it always out of reach?

Is it a choice?

Is it given?

Is it taken?

Is it real?

Is it a fantasy?

Is it peace?

Is it feared?

Is it obtainable?

Is it misunderstood?

Is it dynamic in a moment?

Is it a symptom of circumstance?

Is it joy?

Is it sadness?

Is it everything?


Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Of looking back

Reflects in front of me

All that’s there

Is everywhere

In all I wish to see

Shadowed light and

Darkest nights

Rise within my site

Sunrise brings the calling

Of the sunset into night

Starlight twinkles

A moon so bright

As clouds will come to hide

Rising far and deep inside

Shadowed blankets of my mind

Winds of change

Can rearrange

Or toss the open seas

Waves can crash

Or wash away

Horizons yet to greet

Float upon the waters deep

With the hope of yet to be

Awaiting on the shores you’ll see

what is meant to be will be

The looking glass

Within your grasp

Seeks passage to your soul

A burdened journey of

All you choose

To release Or choose to hold

Rabbit Holes

“Please bless me in this moment of remorse with absence of hope, with the enduring desire to find grace for myself and courage to  embrace the challenge in front of me. Nourish my soul with strength to crawl and once again rise from my knees of shame. Shine a light of direction into this rabbit hole of me”

Heart Song

Sadness asked Love, “What do you give to someone who wants nothing from you?”

Love replied, “Everything in your entire heart and soul, until there is nothing left to give.

Sadness was confused…

Love continued, “Only then will you be happy to have nothing and know what it means to want nothing.”

Who is Saul? Hardley a question…

Who Am I?

A loyal passionately emotional creative realist that wants to believe in Magic and is willing to sacrifice reality for a dream. Someone who has endured a lifetime of circumstance and choice. Always trying to believe there is a happy ending to everything. I am strong and I am weak. I am wise and foolish. Rational and irrational… intuitive and delusional… Hopefully in despair. Always wanting success and afraid to fail. Resolved in my defeats. frustrated by that which I chose not to believe. Able to relinquish control but taunted by that which I cannot. A hopeless romantic saddened by love lost yet believing in its power to overcome all obstacles.

What do I want.

I want to love and be loved. Create, inspire and console. Stability and spontaneity. To Trust and to be trusted. To bask in the unconditional devotion of love. To be cherished and adored for my heart. Forgiven for my humanity. Always striving to become someone others will look to and say He was a good man. One who would give the shirt off his back and die to protect the ones he loves.

What do I lack?

Patience. A withstanding ability to rise out of emotional fear and maintain perspective. A sustaining belief in me. The energy to endure anymore emotional tragedy. A place to call home. A sense of peace in the midst of chaos. Family.

What can I do to find what I lack.

Wake up each day and fight the fear with hope. Balance the past with the present and believe in a future where true love will find my heart, embrace it comfort it. Give until you have nothing left to give then want for nothing. Let go of that which cannot be held. Love with a heart that expects nothing in return. Accept that which is beyond your reach. Walk through new doors with vision and faith that what is good and edifying will be waiting. What is not for the goodness of the soul is left behind.

What do I believe

I believe in a power that is beyond human comprehension. I believe in truth I believe in triumph . I believe in faith and hope I believe love is only felt in the measure it is given. I believe hate is evil. I believe trust is fragile. I believe there is good and there is evil. I believe the purpose of each is to prove the strength of the other. I believe good brings peace I believe evil brings a death yet to realize. I believe the human mind is a dynamic complexity of primal intuitions of life and a mixture of all its experience. I believe we can believe anything we chose and that Devine truth is the only power that can define what is fact and what is fiction.