The Purpose of Truth

A lie cannot exist if there is no truth

Truth is the foundation of all that is real

All that is peace

All that is eternal

Truth has no need for lies

if there is no porpoise in life

Life beyond our mortal adventure

A chosen adventure of returning to the truth we are.

Veiled from this existence

the answers to questions

that only are asked

because our bodies breath and sleep and eat and die

they enter our consciousness

unconsciously and seek the whispers of peace that are truth.

Truth is power it is light it is undeniable. To be filled with truth is what the love of our father and mother in the heaven crave for us to seek, feel and be.

For with that comes power in this world to return to them in peace and joy.

Tattered by the journey, emboldened by our struggles, edified by the wisdom we’ve gained, our souls rejoice in the veil being lifted and the balance of truth finds grace in our choices in life.

The purpose of truth returns to our souls. The purpose of untruths becomes realized in its purpose, lies are exposed as an energy of deception, defined with a purpose to rob our father and mother of our loving return to innocence

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